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Wellness, Support, And Wisdom
For New Motherhood In The Modern World

We believe that wellness and support are the key to an enriched new motherhood, and we’re here to talk about it. We speak with motherhood support professionals and wellness leaders, so we can share their wisdom and insight with you. Wherever you are on your journey—from planning, pregnancy, postpartum to new motherhood—we are here for you.



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Hosted By The Women
Behind Little Honey Money,
Erica Ignjatovic & Jhoanna Marissa

A podcast focused on bringing wellness, support, and wisdom to new motherhood in the modern world. Erica Ignjatovic and Jhoanna Marissa, two longtime friends at different points in their motherhood journeys, build a tech platform for new moms and speak with experts who make sense of the multidimensional journey to matrescence—through planning, pregnancy, postpartum, and new motherhood. Hear relatable stories and expert perspectives that make motherhood more enriched. Expect friendly, sincere conversation, mixed with a healthy dose of sarcasm and wit.

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Episode Preview

Episode 1 | Erica & Jhoanna

This Is Little Honey Money
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Episode 2 | Lori Bregman

The Power of Positive Birth Stories with Lori Bregman
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Episode 3 | Lauren Ruth Felton

Hypnobirthing For A Painless Childbirth with Lauren Ruth Felton
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Episode 4 | Molly Nourmand

Matrescence and Your 2.0 with Molly Nourmand
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Episode 5 | Morgan Hedley

Breastfeeding, Naturally with Morgan Hedley
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Episode 6 | Kimbery Von Slomski

Sleep is Not Selfish with Kimberly Von Slomski
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Episode 7 | Victoria Thain Gioia & Dr. Banfsheh Bayati

Smart Supplements with Victoria Thain Gioia & Dr. Bayati
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Episode 8 | Kona Mori

Cradling the Nervous System Through Craniosacral Therapy with Kona Mori
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Episode 9 | Samantha Davis

Placenta Encapsulation for Postpartum and Beyond with Samantha Davis
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Episode 10 | Dr. Kanael Segal

Physical Therapy for Pelvic Health with Dr. Kenael Segal
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Episode 11 | Sara Jensen

The Beauty of Hormone-Safe Skincare with Sara Jensen
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Episode 12 | Erica & Jhoanna

A Little Honey Money Launch
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Episode 13 | Mahaley Patel

Minding Our Mental Health with Mahaley Patel
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Episode 14 | Katya Mosely

Tapping Into Acupuncture with Katya Mosely
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Episode 15 | Sarah Levey

Yoga Practice During Pregnancy with Sarah Levey
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Episode 16 | Sydney Bliss

Postpartum Meal Planning with Sydney Bliss
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Episode 17 | Caroline Rossiter & Courtney Reiman

Complementary Maternal Care with Akin
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Episode 18 | Martha Soffer

Modern Ayurveda for Motherhood with Martha Soffer
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Episode 19 | Dr. Joel "Gator" Warsh

A Healthy Childhood Starts at Birth with Dr. Joel “Gator” Warsh
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Episode 20 | Jessica Diggs

All About Midwifery Care with Jessica Diggs
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Episode 21 | Carson Meyer

Mother Earth and Motherhood with Carson Meyer
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Episode 22 | Astrid Schanz-Garbassi

Mindful Foods for Women’s Health with Astrid Schanz-Garbassi
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Episode 23 | Jhoanna Marissa

Creating Your Village on Little Honey Money with Jhoanna Marissa
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Episode 24 | Katy Barnes

Postpartum Overnight Support with Katy Barnes
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Episode 25 | Nikki Bostwick

Advocating For Yourself with Nikki Bostwick
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